About steelecht

Founded in 2005 in Offenbach, Germany, by the U.S. citizen and media professional David P. Steel, "steelecht" (pronounced "steel-esht") is a play on a German word which means "consistent in style". So whether developed in-house or commissioned, our content is characterized by a creative vision which connects the different media fields – ensuring consistency and optimizing synergies.

steelecht GmbH (a “GmbH” is a company similar to a “Ltd.”) is dedicated to the development, management and production of story content which is told across a variety of media. The term “storytelling” is understood as: 

1)     the telling of stories in a classic sense
2)     the exchange of experiences in general
3)     the compelling presentation of information

steelecht positions itself as a conception and prototype workshop in the first and decisive phases of audiovisual productions, across all media incl. print, ebook, radio, film, television and the internet. Development is pursued in project-related teams or, depending on the size, in strategic alliance with partners.

Our Team

Everyone currently working at steelecht has lived in more than one country at some point. Most of us are also fluent in more than only our mother tongue. This has to do with the nature of our business – international communication. It also means we usually have interesting stories to tell about our lives! This is our team of employees and a quick view of the journey that has brought us here:


David P. Steel

Managing Director

David on a whale-watching tour with daughter Chelsea

  • Born in New Hampshire (USA)
  • Raised in New Mexico (USA)
  • Studied Interdisciplinary Humanities at the University of Denver (USA)
  • TEFL Certification from International House London
  • In Germany since 1996
  • At steelecht since 2005
  • Speaks English, Swiss German, German, Italian

Johanna da Rocha Abreu

Copywriter / Copyeditor / Translator

Johanna likes to spoil her kids (and herself) with ice cream

  • Born in Illinois (USA)
  • Raised in New Jersey (USA)
  • Studied Art History at Kenyon College, Ohio (USA)
  • In Germany since 1995
  • At steelecht since 2005
  • Speaks English & German fluently

Peter F. Ohman

Senior Copyeditor / Copywriter

Peter helping the desert bloom

  • Born & raised in Illinois (USA)
  • Studied History & Political Science at the University of Iowa (USA); Social Sciences at Stockholm University (Sweden); Social Work at the University of Chicago (USA); Divinity at the Lutheran School of Theology at Chicago (USA)
  • In Germany since 2006
  • At steelecht since 2006
  • Speaks English & Swedish fluently, working knowledge of German, French & Moroccan Arabic

James G. Peterson

Copywriter / Translator / Instructor

Jim fiddling around at work

  • Born in Colorado (USA)
  • Raised in Missouri & Ohio (USA)
  • Studied German Education & TEFL at Ohio University (USA); Masters in Applied Linguistics & ELT at St. Marys University College, London (UK)
  • In Germany since 2006
  • At steelecht since 2014
  • Speaks English, German and Italian fluently 

Evelyn Johnson

Office Manager / Translator / Instructor

Evelyn keeps grooving after hours

  • Born in Germany
  • Raised in Canada
  • Studied English Literature and Anthropology (M.A.) at J.W. Goethe University Frankfurt
  • CELTA certification from International House Vancouver
  • In Germany (again) since 1990
  • At steelecht since 2005
  • Speaks English & German fluently, basic knowledge of French & Spanish

Anette John

Copywriter / PR / Translator

Anette likes to get lost in bookshops    

  • Born in Poland
  • Raised in Poland and Germany
  • Studied German Literature and Slavic Studies (M.A.) at J.W. Goethe University Frankfurt
  • In Germany since 1989
  • At steelecht since 2015
  • Speaks German, Polish & English

Leonore Kleinkauf

Project Management / Business Development / Translator

Leonore loves growing her own food

  • Born in Frankfurt am Main / raised in Offenbach am Main (Germany)
  • Studied Audiovisual Media (B.Eng.) at the Stuttgart Media University (Germany) and Media Management (M.Sc.) at the Royal Institute of Technology Stockholm (Sweden)
  • At steelecht since 2013
  • Speaks German, English, French and Swedish

Angela Merle

Freelance Project Manager

Angela likes to keep an overview

  • Born in Kaiserslautern, Germany
  • Studied Marketing and Communication at the Art & Business School Florence
  • Worked for various Ad Agencies in Florence (Italy), London (UK) and Frankfurt (Germany)
  • Lived in Italy for 5 years and in London for 5 years and is back in Germany since 2004
  • Languages German, English, Italian, French, basic knowledge of Spanish

Mia Vampirina

Chief Executive Cat

Mia likes receiving letters from her fans, followers and supporters

  • At steelecht since 2015
  • Understands Italian, English & German

Would you like to work at steelecht? If you have skills similar to those described above or otherwise think you could be a good match for our company, please do not hesitate to contact us. We look forward to hearing from you!

Our Network

Whenever our core team’s skill set does not cover all the required details of a project, steelecht draws on an experienced pool of professional partners, service providers and freelancers to get the job done. Here is a selection of partners with which we regularly collaborate:


Design & layout for print and digital production, media planning & conception

Vorreither GbR

German copywriting & media conception

Tim Fernée

Illustration & animation design

Anna Pietocha

Video & animation production

Ariane Mayer

Video direction & editing

Lutz Jahnke

Design & layout

Gianni Ferro

Web design & programming

Do you have services which you think could be beneficial for steelecht? Please contact us!

steelecht GmbH is a member of “Filmhaus Frankfurt e.V.” and the “Förderverein deutscher Kinderfilm e.V.”