Translation & Transcreation

The essential meaning of your messages can literally become lost in translation. If you want your texts to achieve the sought-after results in new markets, you’ll need multi-lingual copywriters who’ll do much more than a straight-forward word swap.    


    steelecht translates and transcreates Frankfurt Book Fair’s blog “COUNTDOWN” , a content marketing initiative focused on informing a wide range of target groups about various offers at the fair. When source language articles are highly focussed on the German market, we adapt them or suggest alternative texts to ensure relevance for international audiences.

Targeting local audiences

Transcreation (as opposed to straight up translation) is critical whenever convincing arguments and brand positioning have a higher priority than simple descriptions. That is why the translators at steelecht are also transcreators – copywriters who will take your brief and ensure your messages are adapted to match the creative concepts and desired actions in the different targeted languages.

We can provide you with translation and transcreation services across all major European languages including:

  • German
  • French
  • Spanish
  • Polish
  • Italian

And English, of course, which also has variations; for example between U.S. and British English.

What is transcreation?

Transcreation is usually considered to be “creative translation”, in reference to the adaptation of your content using contextual creative writing, editing and localization.

With transcreation, your messages need to be localized in order to trigger your desired outcome. As a result, the copywriter must fully understand your intentions. That’s why each transcreation brief not only includes the original text but also an analysis of the text’s deeper meaning, your communication objectives as well as the target group’s mindset.

Crossing borders was never easy, but with a trusted and experienced partner like steelecht, you can rest assured your messages will be well received.

We would be happy to provide you with examples of our work, according to your interests – whether videos, press releases, brochures, advertising. Just let us know and we’ll send them your way!    

Language Learning Services

All employees at steelecht are multi-lingual. Usually it’s because at some point in our lives we have lived in a foreign country. Or we married into a family that speaks another language.

Going beyond just being a language learner, to communicating freely in a new language is not an overnight process. It takes time, patience, diligence, as well as lots of exposure and practice. We know from experience. That’s why we apply our knowledge to also help others improve their command of new languages – with a core competence in English and German. We teach, offer discussion groups, organize trips and produce apps. Willkommen bei steelecht!

Obviously, there is no magic formula to learning languages. The more exposure and practice you get, the better. Building up a strong passive vocabulary is just as important as having ample opportunities to speak and write – freely as well as with targeted corrections and focused memorization of problem phrases. 

We believe that all roads lead to Rome. The mixture is what matters.

Without a doubt, learning a language does take a lot of work, but motivation is essential, too. That’s why, in our busy lives, steelecht aims to provide language learning services that are fun, engaging, relevant and as personalized as possible.




steelecht offers language instruction under the label “OF COURSE”, with a core competence in English, German and Italian.

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Language Learning Products

steelecht has also developed crossmedia products to support language learning, whether for self-study or as supplementary materials in the classroom.

There is one guiding principle behind all these endeavors: context is king! Just drilling vocabulary, without a meaningful context, is a slow and grueling process. Add a relevant context and – voilà – it dramatically expedites long- term retention, understanding of correct usage and motivation to learn more.

Here are some of the products currently in development:


An app for iPhone and iPad. Having power technology with you on the go opens up new ways to bring fun into what used to be just work. For instance, imagine a vocabulary list you can interact with in a playful and intuitive way to really make those words stick.

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At a certain point, most ambitious language learners will start reading books, watching movies or listening to the radio to “break out” of the constraints of the classic classroom. StoryPlanet is our vision to transform nearly any media experience into a learning opportunity.

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Are you a foreign language teacher or otherwise involved in language instruction? If you are interested in learning more about our language learning products (or getting involved in their development), please do not hesitate to get in touch. We are curious to know your opinions and your needs! 

For their support of steelecht's entry into the field of language learning technology, special thanks go to: