Under the label “OF COURSE”, steelecht has the following language instruction offers for English, German and Italian: 

  • Story reading & discussion – stories chosen based on group or individual interests and learning level
  • Business language – using materials from the student’s day to day professional lives to deepen understanding and practice targeted usage
  • Immersive events – depending on your interests, one of our teachers will accompany you to a local concert, talk, or exhibition – a lesson before and after the event will optimize language reception and retention
  • Themed trips – we organize short group trips based on student interests, whether they be history, wine culture, ghost stories, fairy tales, etc.

We also provide recommendations for:

  • Self-study – books, movies, apps, general learning tactics
  • Travel to other countries – intensive classes, study abroad programs, exchange programs, cruises with onboard instruction
  • Exam preparation 


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